2 gorgeous boys from HoneyHouse, John and Paul(NBT) are looking for the perfect families and a couch to call their own.

Their main preference is cuddling and play, having really nice soft characters inherited from their dad Eros (Double Creek at your own Risk for HoneyHouse). Their mom Lexi (HoneyHouse Hello Pretty Girl) is very proud of them, because she also gave them a bit of the clowning qualities she’s known for.

They are vWd, EIC, HUU, MH, PRA, Fluff CLEAR and DM carrier.

We always like if our pups don’t go anywhere far, but being vaccinated twice for infections and once for rabies, with waiting period passed, they can travel anywhere in EU.

Litter ‘P’ now available

Kids are now 6 weeks old, and we can’t be happier with this litter! Sired by Sandy – HoneyHouse Endless Beach, son of our Lily and delivered by Mia – HoneyHouse Hello It’s Me, daughter of our Ike and Didi, these babies embody the spirit of HoneyHouse, having a little bit of all our founding dogs in them.

They’re all vWd, EIC, PRA, HUU, Locus D Clear and DM carrier.

Their pedigree can be found here:…

Since we take our time with determining the best people for our pups, interested potential owners may still apply.

Available Fluffy Girl

We don’t usually post ‘available’ posts for our dogs, but when it comes to fluffies, we really like to see that they go to people who specifically love and want a fluffy, so due to a cancellation, we’re again selecting new people for our little girl Tequila, if you’re interested in her, do send us a message…

HONEYHOUSE is proud to announce “F” litter!!

xIMG_8153The 5 amazing babies are the first “2nd generation” HoneyHouse litter, sired by our Delta “HoneyHouse Be My Secret Admirer” and given birth by our amazing Stella “Ravnele Stella Polaris”.
Ike “Aristotle’s Masterpiece” and Didi “Afrodita Beauty” were extatic to become grandparents to these precious little gems and said they can’t wait to start playing with them and spoiling them like grandparents should