About us

HoneyHouse is an FCI registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi kennel, based out of Lendava, Slovenia (EU), owned by Andrej Klemencic and Violeta Zanjko Klemencic.

The name HoneyHouse honors our first Corgi Honey, who along with her brother Rocky was one of the first two Corgis we ever got and lost much too soon.
Originally purchased as pets, they were a wonderful addition to our family, playful, cheerful, full of energy, they made our love for the breed become stronger with each day.
Honey was entered in a few shows and in spite of a few un-glamorous failures in the ring, we decided it was an interesting new hobby to pursue.

Ike, one of the few Slovenian-born Corgis, joined us through a series of fateful events and soon became the driving force behind our new-found passion of showing dogs and won 2nd place Best in Show Baby at his very first exhibition at CAC Barje 2015. Honey also went strong and received JBOB and BOB.

Our ranks increased in 2016 with the addition of Didi, who came all the way from Yucatan, Mexico and a few months later, with arrival of Lily from neighboring Hungary.

As we were getting to know our dogs, the different characters and traits they possessed, we were slowly learning about the amazing Corgis, where they came from, why they did things in a certain way and the astounding physical and mental abilities these seemingly small dogs had. We realized our mission in life was to help promote healthy, physically as well as mentally balanced breeding of the wonderfully active and family oriented Corgis who at the same time not only conformed to the standard, but excelled at being of sound build, harmonious movement and expressed all the qualities of the true Corgi.